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scovare [skovare] (V) to unearth, find, to discover (after a search)

Scovare has three Unique and classic yachts now available for Charter in the Northwest:

Scovare, our 40' Spray replica cutter which is a great sailing platform for up to 12 guests, Our 26' Pontoon Boat, "Party Scovare" which is an exceptionally comfortable cruising boat for up to 12 and our modern Catalina 250, "Onawhim" which is a great 6 passenger sloop rigged sailboat.!

Our largest boat in the fleet is Gallant, a 50-foot Grand banks Ketch that is spacious and comfortable for sailing parties of up to 12 guests and overnight cruises with up to eight. Her four private staterooms and massive deck area make her the perfect platform for your special occasion, business event or memorable wedding party!

A word about her name
I believe all of us are on a voyage of discovery. So what are you looking for? I believe you will find it on one of our expeditions. Not sure what you are searching for? You are in a perfect place to discover that, too!

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