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Sailing can change your life. It changed mine. I'm Captain Shane St. Clair, founder of Scovare Yachts & Expeditions, Inc. Since I first coaxed a beat-up Snark* across the lake when I was 13 years old, I've been entranced by how the alchemy of wind and water moves us. Founded in 2003, our mission at Scovare Yachts is to help everyone discover the magic of sailing. Based in Portland, Oregon on the beautiful Willamette River, we offer local sailing adventures, sailing lessons and dinner sails with our fleet, plus weddings and corporate events onboard our largest sailboat, as well as custom sailing services worldwide that include chartering, yacht delivery and more. Scovare (sko-vah-ray) means to unearth, find, to discover after a search. Isn't it time you discovered the magic of sailing?

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