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Passages: For the sailor who wants to go places.

Perhaps you own your own boat and would like to get some professional guidance and experience before you set off on your own voyage. Or you have always wanted to sail the world's oceans but, wisely, want to try it before investing your life savings in an ocean going yacht. Or perhaps you are a passage veteran and just love the peace and freedom of mid-ocean and need a fix! All passages are participatory cruises where every one is part of the crew- standing watches, cooking meals and keep the ship in shape as she carries us safely to our destination. If you have ever wanted to cross an ocean or see if the sailing life is really for you- this is the place to be.

Sail To Paradise- Winter/Spring 2014-15

Join us for a week or two as we explore warm exotic places during the winter! November we are planning a Florida Keys adventure and early 2015 a South Pacific expedition. Cost is $999 per person per week and includes a berth on the boat and on board food. email or call for the latest info!

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